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With headquarters based in Luanda, Angola, TARSO Translations & Interpreters is a growing company specialized in the translation of documents, interpretation services, supply of language teachers and language classes. We specialize in the English, Portuguese, French and Spanish language. The company works with specialized and accredited professionals, to provide its customers quality, efficiency, speed and reliability of their services.

The founders of TARSO Translations & Interpreters are Angolans who studied abroad, namely in the UK and the USA, where they built professional networks with a number of linguists who have been the supporting base of the agency. Angola is a fast-growing economy that is attracting an increasing number of foreign investors and TARSO Translations & Interpreters seeks to provide support to these companies through the excellence of its services. That is why it ensures that translators and interpreters keep their native language and translation skills sharp, through teamwork and continuous training.

As translators and interpreters are often asked to deal with sensitive information, confidentiality is a priority. For this reason, all our employees must sign full non-disclosure agreements with TARSO TARSO Translations & Interpreters.

TARSO is committed to being a well-managed, results-driven business driven by the needs and desires of its customers. Our employees have a passion for progress and commitment to excellence. We constantly strive to be the best partners for our customers.


Provide excellent language services that clients: recommend to their stakeholders, employees: are proud of and you: deserve.

We accomplish more together and trust each other to deliver on our respective obligations.

Is at the heart of our company. We commit to quality outcomes, we have the thirst to learn and to improve. We work with and for our customers to obtain the best results.

We are honest, open, ethical and fair.

We want to be your best business partner