Language Classes

TARSO Translations & Interpreters offers private and group language classes at all levels for children, adolescents and adults.

Currently the Language Center offers language courses in English, French, Spanish and Chinese. Levels differ from language to language, ranging from level I to level VIII.

Registration, schedules, prices, course locations and other information can be obtained by sending an email to or by contacting us via telephone.

Private Classes

  • With private lessons, your investment is more profitable because it saves time, and saves energy by not having to go to a school to study;
  • You learn at your own pace and the teacher does not waste time explaining to your colleagues a question, you do not have;
  • Private lessons can be taught at your home, at your office, at the TARSO Language Center etc.
  • Have the opportunity to interact 100% of the time with the teacher;
  •  The teacher focus on your needs and wants;
  • There is not under pressure from other students, getting embarrassed if you have any difficulty;
  • The class is all yours.

Group Classes

You have the option to create a group in your company or residence and divide the cost of tuition with several students. If you prefer, classes can be taught at the TARSO Language Center.

Classes taught at the Language Center, do not guarantee that only the group created by you will attend the classes, as we normally have a waiting list of students who wish to study at TARSO Language Center.

With regards to the benefits of group classes, you will not have all the benefits of a private class, but can also have some advantages such us:

  • It is a profitable investment as you save energy and money by not having to go to a school;
  • You have the opportunity to interact more with the teacher, compared to a traditional course crowded rooms;
  • You study with people who you already know;
  • Being the group small, the numbers of questions are expected to be few and this causes the group to save time and learn more.

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